The FIXed LABoratory provides access to leading infrastructures for sophisticated scientific investigations on samples or whole objects.


FIXLAB - 1, Laser Conservation

FIXLAB – 1, Laser Conservation

Provider: Photonics for Heritage Science (PhoHS), IESL, FORTH

Advanced instruments and methodologies customized for the laser-assisted removal of unwanted layers on CH objects and monuments.
FIXLAB - 2, Archaeogenomics - Paleogenomics

FIXLAB – 2, Archaeogenomics – Paleogenomics

Provider: Laboratory of Ancient DNA (aDNA), IMBB,  FORTH 

Guidelines for ancient biological samples handling, ancient DNA analysis methods and services for the investigation of various questions of the archaeological and paleontological sciences.

Instructions to excavators for handling ancient biological findings and ancient DNA analysis services for the study of issues related to archaeological and paleontological sciences.
High resolution satellite image of Mantineia outlining the trace of south-north streets of the ancient city

FIXLAB – 3, Satellite / Aerial Remote Sensing

Provider: Laboratory of Geophysical Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeoenviornment (GeoSat ReSeArch), IMS, FORTH

Integration of geoinformatics (GIS/satellite/aerial remote sensing) applications in cultural heritage (CH) and environmental sciences.
FIXLAB - 4, Advance Modelling and Spatial Analysis Lab

FIXLAB – 4, Advance Modelling and Spatial Analysis Lab

Provider: Coastal & Marine Research, IACM, FORTH

Contribute towards (a) upgrading the resilience of cultural heritage to climatic change; (b) including the socioeconomic impact of climate change effects on the natural and cultural heritage.
FIXLAB - 5, iTomography infrastructure

FIXLAB – 5, iTomography infrastructure

Provider: Ormylia Foundation

Infrastructure for non-destructive documentation of cultural heritage objects.